9 Ways to Prepare for the Worst Flu Month of the Year

9 Ways to Prepare for the Worst Flu Month of the Year

9 Ways to Prepare for the Worst Flu Month of the Year

You’ll want to make sure you follow smart flu-prevention strategies before and during this winter month. They’ll keep you from catching—or spreading—the flu.

Flu season is here

at the same time as flu season generally lasts from October to March, in keeping with records from the centers for disease manipulate and Prevention (CDC), the height month is February. Why are there more instances of the flu at some point of the wintry weather than at different times of the year? “when the virus comes out of the mouth or nose through a cough or sneeze, it travels farther whilst the air is so dry,” says Erik Larsen, MD, assistant director of EMS and emergency preparedness at White Plains sanatorium. “in the summer time, they hit the floor faster due to the fact the air has greater moisture in it.” Taking those steps now can come up with the pleasant fighting hazard to stay healthful.

Get a flu shot

“The vaccine doesn’t assure you gained’t get the flu, but it’s going to give you a sure diploma of immunity,” says Dr. Larsen. “And there may be proof that if you do get the flu, you’re much more likely to have a milder case.” The CDC recommends that everybody six months of age and older get the vaccine every 12 months; it’s specially crucial for young youngsters, pregnant women, people 65 and older, and people with medical conditions such as allergies, diabetes, and coronary heart disease. Don’t pass over these eight errors that make the flu shot much less effective.

Build your immune system

“A healthy character with a wholesome immune device who receives uncovered to the flu virus is better able to reject it,” says Dr. Larsen. He stresses the significance of workout, getting eight hours of sleep per night, and handling pressure. This allows with more than just flu prevention. “A sturdy immune device permit you to get over it faster in case you do get it and additionally head off secondary infections like bacterial pneumonia,” he says.

Eat a healthy diet

Sugar leaves you extra prone to infectious illnesses and greater vulnerable to viruses, says Dr. Larsen. Researchers theorize that white blood cells are not able to function as efficiently in a high-sugar environment. “The white cells are the frame’s very last defense, and if they’re not operating at their peak, you’re much more likely to get something virus invaded you.” So he recommends reducing sugar and alcohol consumption. And it turns out your grandmother was proper approximately hen soup: “There’s a certain quantity of proof that bone broth made from turkey or bird bones with veggies may be useful in opposition to breathing illnesses,” Dr. Larsen says. check out the 6 clean symptoms of the flu you shouldn’t forget about.

Boost your C and D intake

studies has proven that supplementation with nutrients C and D can also defend against the flu. speak on your doctor about the amount that’s proper for you, and in case you do take extra C, drink lots of water with it because the diet can be difficult on the kidneys. Dr. Larsen advises 8 ounces. of water for every 500 to one,000 IU of nutrition C. “The frame fights contamination better while it’s nicely hydrated,” he adds, so it’s smart to drink at the least 8 glasses of water an afternoon for the duration of flu season besides.

Wash your hands

Germs can live on surfaces for two hours or longer. in case you should contact a deadly disease-weighted down spot—say, a tap deal with or doorknob—the virus can transfer to you. practising right hand hygiene—washing your arms with warm water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds (the length of time it takes to sing the “glad Birthday” song)—can assist prevent that unfold of germs. also vital: washing your nails. “The longer your nails are, the more likely germs get trapped underneath them,” Dr. Larsen says. “I inform humans to put cleaning soap in one palm and dig the other hand’s nails into it so the soap goes under them.” If too much hand-washing creates superb-dry arms, that’s a problem, too (germs can get into the cracks), so placed lotion on them earlier than bed so we can heal overnight.

Try to keep your hands off your face

“The most commonplace factors of access for flu viruses are the mouth, nose, and eyes,” says Dr. Larsen. “Viruses can input those ports very effortlessly.” by comparison, viruses can’t penetrate your skin. “in order you walk round and contact all forms of objects, attempt to preserve your hands faraway from your face,” he says. right here are 10 extra germ-spreading habits you have to give up now.

Cough into your elbow

“usually we cough into our hand, that you would possibly think is better than spraying a person, however your hand is then infectious and you may be doing a greater disservice by means of infecting many greater human beings,” Dr. Larsen says. So the nice issue to do is to cough or sneeze into your elbow. take into account that this is sensible all of the time, not just whilst you’re unwell. “You’re infectious at the least sooner or later before you end up symptomatic, so you may be spreading the flu with out knowing it,” he says.

Clean your computer

in case you paintings in an workplace and share a laptop with someone else, clean the keyboard often. “It’s a common contact point for the flu,” Dr. Larsen says. The equal is going for any sort of shared tool, consisting of a coins sign up or a restaurant ordering device. He recommends the use of alcohol-primarily based wipes. right here are 20 extra things each person must recognize about the flu virus.

Stay home

There’s strain on both employers and personnel to be as efficient as viable, but heading into paintings whilst you’re sick isn’t smart. “The flu is enormously contagious, so the short-term cost of having the employee within the workplace should have a huge disadvantage when all people exposed to that character gets unwell,” Dr. Larsen says. He’s adamant about no longer returning to paintings till 24 hours after your fever ends—and that’s without remedy. “in case you take medication and your fever is going away, that’s no longer being fever-free,” he says. “if you think you’re higher, prevent taking medication and see if the fever remains long past after 24 hours. in that case, you’re exact to move.” Now, take a look at out those 14 sudden belongings you shouldn’t do when you have the flu.


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