15 No-Effort Ways to Burn 100 Calories

15 No-Effort Ways to Burn 100 Calories

15 No-Effort Ways to Burn 100 Calories

If you burn an extra 100 calories a day (even if you don’t change your eating habits at all) you could lose up to 10.5 pounds over the course of a year. What does it take to burn 100 calories? Not much. Below are 15 things that burn 100 calories, based on a 150-pound, 42-year-old-woman. Try some this week!

Go roller-skating

in only 12 mins you burn off one hundred calories. accelerate the burn with those 15 workouts that burn the maximum calories.

Go grocery shopping

A 38-minute grocery shopping trip burns 100 calories; you’ll burn another 100 calories carrying the groceries to your car and then into your house.

Play Frisbee

Half an hour is all it takes, and that’s assuming you’re not doing a lot of running after wild throws. Don’t miss these 30 simple ways to burn fat fast.

Put up your Christmas tree


After 45 minutes you’ll have not only greeted all the attendees but will have burned 100 calories as well. These are 15 more ways to burn calories without going to the gym.

Make dinner


Pick a recipe that requires chopping. If it takes you 35 minutes to prepare dinner, you’ve burned your 100 calories.

Jump rope

Even slow jumping burns 100 calories in 11 minutes; jump faster and it takes only about seven.

Clean out your garage


Put in half an hour of sorting. By then, you’ll have cleared at least one small space and burned 100 calories. This is how many calories you burn during other common chores.

Jog in place

Do it for 11 minutes during the commercials of a 30-minute TV show. Don’t miss these other 19 easy ways to torch 200 calories in the blink of an eye.

Dance the flamenco

Just 15 minutes of fast ballroom dancing will do it.

Walk your dog

In a half hour, you’ll have burned 100 calories, and he’ll have stretched all fours and sniffed to his heart’s content. Here are some of the amazing ways your body benefits from a 15-minute walk.

Iron your clothes

And your partner’s and your kids.’ Do it for 40 minutes. Learn how you can triple the number of calories you burn at work.

Hit the driving range

You’ll improve your golf game and burn 100 calories in 30 minutes. Check out these other 10 calorie-busting exercises for people who hate running.

Play golf

Carry your clubs and walk the course, and you’ll burn 100 calories every 20 minutes.

Go fishing




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